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B Alan Bourgeois

B Alan Bourgeois Director/Founder/Author

DEAR Texas, Inc., was created by B Alan Bourgeois as a nonprofit organization. The concept was to find ways for Texan's to read more, and to support Texas Authors and their great works.

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Jill Donegan

Jill Donegan Executive Director

Jill Donegan began her career in books and reading at the age of 10 as a volunteer at her elementary school library. Many years later, she attended the University of Texas at Austin  where she received her Master of Library and Information Science. After working as director at a special library, she returned to her true passion: public libraries. She recognized just how special San Angelo libraries were and took the position of Associate Director of the Tom Green County Library System in 2009. Five years later, she became Library Director. Donegan believes that San Angelo’s libraries exemplify the spirit of community librarianship. Keeping the patron at the heart of its services, the library provides access to traditional materials, electronic resources, progressive programming and diverse learning opportunities. The Book Festival will be a spectacular addition to our service to the community.
Marcella Bosequett

Marcella Bosequett Community Relations Coordinator

Marcy loves being involved in all the different happenings at the library such as educational events, changing technology, exhibits, lectures, and STEAM Central – the makerspace at Stephens Central.

Marcy and her husband were both Hospital Corpsmen in the U.S. Navy. When John retired they chose San Antonio as their home; however, they realized a smaller community was more to their liking and moved to San Angelo in 1999.

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D.E.A.R. was originally a part of a story line found in the book Ramona Quimby, Age 8 (pages 40-41) by Beverly Cleary. The book was first published by Harper Collins children’s division and they are the ones that crated the DEAR event that has been a part of schools and libraries for years. Texas Authors, Inc., a not for profit organization was inspired by the concept and added their own Texas touch to it, thus creating DEAR Texas.


Dear Texas goal is simple, to encourage more people of ALL ages to read more. While this sounds like a simple goal, it is, in fact, a very difficult goal to accomplish, as reading still continues to compete against TV and electronic devices. But, that is also the challenge we love.

Showing people, the joy of reading can be accomplished in a number of ways. First, is education, followed by testimonies and then by meeting actual authors and helping readers learn how authors think and why they write. Giving readers a personal one on one connection to an author provides an incentive to read a book. Once a reader is able to find a good book, they are hooked on the possibilities that exist. Their creative mind is awakened and how they deal with life then changes.


The Future

DEAR Texas has teamed up with Book Festival Network to create new experiences at their book festivals that will last well beyond the one-day events that they create. Through this partnership, the value of the book festivals will increase dramatically and impact many more lives than just those who attended the event. It is our goal to make DEAR Texas the Gold Standard in book festivals for the future.

With each passing year, our outreach continues beyond the borders of Texas in many ways, and our creative endeavors add new and exciting programs that increase our outreach and help us reach our goal of getting people of ALL ages to read more.

By accomplishing this goal, we not only help increase the educational value of Texas citizens but also increase the Texas Economy in multiple and long-lasting ways.

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Drop Everything And Read Texas creates programs to bring Texas Readers & Texas Authors together.