The author lives in West Texas with her husband, Dennis, who is a physician. They have two daughters and four granddaughters.

Joyce has written and published four adult books and one children's book.

Her latest book is "The Gryffon Master, Curse of the Lich King" a fantasy tale co-written by four amazing authors. It is an adult fantasy centering around two men, a Viking and an Arab, who suddenly find themselves thrust into a magical and terrible world of liches, trolls, and dragons. They must work together, aided by a small band of helpers who wish to rid their land from the evil which holds it captive. The two men find that they must fulfill a destiny which unfolds before them. The story is full of action and surprising twists at every turn.

"Mr. Grumpy Lizard Meets the Giggling Girls" is written for ages 5-8. Her Majesty, Queen Craggy Crocodile, sends Mr. Grumpy Lizard to meet the four Human cousins and eventually makes them the Official Ambassadors of Happiness. The book is written with her four granddaughters as characters. Dennis Shaughnessy, the author's husband, illustrates the book with watercolor. It is a fun read for children of all ages.